I am… Alicia Elizabeth Rivera(:


I am wearing my oxblood red Chanel high-waisted jeans, with my Burberry brown combat boots, and my dark brown camisole and my Burberry cream colored cardigan. My hands are maniured and painted in the shade Luxe ‘n’ Lush by; China Glaze. My iPhone 5 is resting in my lap. My dark brown hair is in waves all pulled to the side.

My name is Alicia Elizabeth Rivera. The spanish beauty that euh-veryone envies. I am Beta of the Pretty Committee – The most popular clique in awl of Westchester, NY.

We awl have money, are beautiful, and popular. Our hair glistens in the sun 24/7. Our cheek bones are as tall as our heels.

The Pretty Committee, along with the alpha and my best friend, Massie Victoria Block rule awl of Westchester. No one says anything to us, as long as we walk in formation. Everyone knows and sees us.

Aidos for Now,

Alicia Elizabeth Rivera